Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dancing with Cartoons

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Design critic and historian Steven Heller, in cooperation with Print magazine, puts out an excellent short newsletter called The Daily Heller. Today's edition was dedicated to a collaborative performance which involved Dartmouth's Pilobolus Dance Theater, the cartoonist Art Spiegelman of Maus fame, and a team of animators. The collaborative performance, called Hapless Hooligan in "Still Playing," runs through August 7 at the Joyce Theater in New York.

"It’s obviously a departure," wrote NY Times critic Alastair Macaulay. "Neither at Pilobolus nor anywhere else have I seen this kind of dizzying overlap of cartoon, film, silhouette theater, and live dance."

As my own art involves both words and images, I have a fascination with work that transcends creative disciplines. From everything I can see, Hapless Hooligan in "Still Playing" promises to be a truly new synthesis of art forms.

An excellent short film explaining the piece is available on YouTube here.

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