Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Found Favorite

My favorite art is never something that I’ve done. Usually it’s something that I come across by accident. Like all children’s art, the drawing below is awesome. Though my favorite part is the magnificent figure in the center, I also love the crazy signature element on the middle left. It reminds me of the Japanese-influenced marks Toulouse Lautrec and Van Gogh used to sign some of their works.

Unknown Artist: Devious Humanoid Pig with Armpit Hair Using Emoticon Semaphore Paddles (my title) 2010; Marker on dry erase board.

Henri de Toulouse-LautrecTwo Half-Naked Women Seen from behind in the Rue des Moulins Brothel 1894;
Oil on cardboard, 54 x 39 cm; Musée Toulouse-
Lautrec, Albi. Signed lower left.

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