Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pen of Deliciousness

I admit it. I have a nearly fetishistic love of office supplies.

I imagine everyone who walks through the aisles of a well-equipped office supply store falls prey to the same delusion that I do: with the the help of this collapsible file folder and that three ring binder, I will finally be truly on top of it all. I'll be much more inclined to use these fabulous new organizing tools, I think, because they are so attractive. The new levels of productivity I'll reach will easily make it worth the cost.

Every time it's the same. I dream, I buy the office supplies, and somehow my life remains a paean to disorder.

I'm even more susceptible when it comes to pens, mechanical pencils, brushes, and anything that makes a mark. I just know, somehow, that with this new instrument I'll be able to reach some greater height in my drawing. It just feels so right in the hand. The weight is perfect. The amount of resistance the tip offers on the paper is perfect. It makes exactly the type of line I want.

I know I've lost many of you, but those who get it understand. Finding a new pen is a big moment.

My current favorite is the Sakura Pigma Graphic 1.0mm with brown ink. I bought it on a whim last time I was in Art Lite here in Atlanta. I first fell in love with the Sakura 1.0 when I was working on beer names and label sketches for a friend (see above). The best part is that it pairs so well with Moleskine sketchbooks, a long-time favorite.

I may never reach the great heights of perfect productivity or the level of drawing ability I want, but I do know that the right tool is sheer joy to use. It may not improve the piece I'm working on, but it makes the experience of doing it a hell of a lot more fun. Now isn't that worth a couple of bucks?

Pen photo courtesy of createforless.com

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